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We host your data on a premier server with exceptional security. Our servers are audited on an annual basis to ensure they maintain their SSAE16 security standing. Additionally, all data is transmitted via HTTPS (SSL) protocols to ensure that it is encrypted and secure. Your data is also backed up and monitored daily to cut down on the possibility of data loss.

We use AWS to handle the hosting of our data. Amazon is a permier data hosting company and
We aslo received a SAS70 Audit, which represents that a service organization has had in-depth
Our phone system is encrypted and HIPAA-compliant, which ensures that customer calls and messages
We are PCI DDS 3.1 certified to accept payments via debit cards. Individuals wishing to make a

What We Offer

We help our clients gain access to the lost revenue for work performed that can help unearth opportunities to help them grow their business.
Through our extended workflow we help bring together the proper strategy companies need to manage their revenue cycle. We don't just offer our clients wide range of services, we try to simplify the process.

Health Insurance Scrub
  For medical accounts, an important step is working with the individual and their health insurance provider to ensure that the insurance coverage is being used to its maximum potential. We check accounts for health insurance coverage and work with the policy holder to contact the insurance company and verify that the carrier is provide the
  Unfortunately, despite our best efforts, people still refuse to pay sometimes. The last resort is engaging in litigation and using the legal system to try and recover the unpaid debts. This is not a step we like to take and it is not a step we take lightly. But is a step we are prepared to take. We have experience in this area and will bring
  Upon receipt of an account, our first step is to send a letter to the individual, introducing us and informing the individual of his or her rights during the period of time that we are going to be working with them. We provide a 30-day window for the individual to refute or otherwise communicate that there is a problem with the account. If no
Early Out Collections
A different set of skills is needed to collect accounts that are just barely in the collections stage, or about to reach that unfortunate marker.  As a veteran provider of collections work to healthcare companies across the country, we specialize in early-out collections.    We look to identify possible billing or insurance oversights and provide